The ABA Graphing CD

ABA Graphing CD

ABA, Discrete Trials Teaching, Verbal Behavior Analysis, Natural Environment Teaching, and Incidental Teaching Programs share one necessary common feature. Data collection and analysis is a necessary component to every instructional program in home and school settings. The process of translating collected data to interpretable, organized, meaningful visual displays is a daunting, time consuming task for behavior analysts, parents, and for teachers. Now, those concerns are a thing of the past. Saving time while making the most professional behavioral graphs available today was the need filled with the ABA Graphing CD.

The ABA Graphing CD contains:
  • A preformatted Excel™ spreadsheet for 30 ABA programs
  • A detailed step-by-step guide describing and showing screen shots of every mouse point, click, and text entry to create professional, organized, and interpretable ABA graphs
  • Daily Data Sheet
  • Monthly Data Sheet
  • ASAP™ Preference Assessment Form
ABA Graphing Spreadsheet

The preformatted spreadsheet allows you to simply enter data for up to 30 different ABA programs. Entered data automatically updates an individualized graph for that program. Instantly produce high quality behavioral graphs for up to 30 different ABA programs. Each program is preformatted for three different steps. Each preformatted Excel™ graph can remain on your computer or be shared with colleagues, professionals, and other therapists. Print and give graphs to others at meetings, or place in a student’s ABA data book. Get the ABA Graphing CD today and start creating your very own programs!

  1. The step-by-step guide allows you to create an endless number of new spreadsheets, new graphs, and endless possibilities to label and describe any ABA program.
  2. Track your student’s progress everyday. Simply enter session data into the spreadsheet and the graphs are automatically updated and ready to print or share.
  3. Make educational and behavioral decisions based on the best visual inspection techniques available.

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The ABA Graphing CD
"The ABA Graphing CD is so easy to use! I just enter in my data, and my graphs are automatically updated."

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