AFLS Skills Samples and Tracking Grid

AFLS Skills Assessment Protocol Samples:

The links below connect to a variety of pages taken from the Basic Living Skills, Home Skills, and Community Participation Skills Assessment Protocols. There are 735 skills across these three assessment modules. The sample of pages below provide a brief sample into the wide range of skills assessed in the AFLS.

AFLS Skills Tracking Grid Samples:

Each AFLS Module contains a unique skills tracking grid used to depict the assessment results. The skills tracking grid allows you to see the results, select skills that are in need of instructional support, track progress over subsequent administrations, and compare progress over time. The samples below are taken from two different children; a typically developing 12 year old male and a 10 year old male diagnosed with autism. The shading of the different cells and rows represent progress or mastery of the different skills in each protocol. More shading means the learner has acquired more skills. Less shading means the learner has not yet acquired those skills. AFLS grids will be different for each child dependent upon their own functional experiences.

AFLS Basic Living Skills
AFLS Home Skills
AFLS Community Participation Skills
AFLS Sshool Skills

School Skills Samples

AFLS Bundle

Sample Scores on AFLS Tracking Grids

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